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By subject: June 2015

The University Libraries actively acquires new books from a variety of sources. Suggestions for purchases are also welcome.

General works, bibliographies:A, Z

Agriculture (all)
General: S
Animal science: SF
Aquaculture and fisheries: SH
Forestry: SD
Plant science: SB
Wildlife management: SK

Archaeology, genealogy, biography: C-CT

Art and architecture (all)
General, visual arts: N, NX
Architecture: NA
Decorative and applied arts: NK
Drawing, design, illustration: NC
Painting: ND
Print media: NE
Sculpture: NB

Business, commerce, finance: HD-HJ

Economics: HB-HC

Education (all)
General: L, LB-LC, LH-LT
History: LA
Universities, colleges, schools: LD-LG

Engineering (all)
Chemical: TP
Civil: TA
Electrical: TK
Environmental: TD
Mining: TN
Oceanic and hydraulic: TC
Structural: TG-TJ
Transportation: TE-TF, TL

Geography (all)
Atlases, maps, environment, general: G-GE
Anthropology: GF-GR
Recreation, leisure, sports: GV

History (all)
General: D
Africa: DT
Asia: DS
Europe: DA-DR, DX
Oceania: DU
United States: E
US Local, Latin America, Canada: F

Home economics, hotels, food service: TX

Language and literature (all)
American literature: PS
British literature: PR
Children's literature: PZ
Classics: PA
Communications: P
English language: PE
Germanic literature: PT
History: PN
Other languages: PG, PJ-PM
Romance languages: PQ

Law (all)
General, international: K-KE, KG-KZ
United States: KF

Manufacturing, textiles: TS, TT

Medicine (all)
General: R-RA, RZ
Human medicine: RB-RL
Nursing: RT
Pharmacology: RM-RS, RV, RX

Military studies (all)
General: U, UH
Air forces: UG
Armies: UA
Infantry, calvary, artillery: UD-UF
Military administration: UB-UC

Music (all)
Literature: ML
Musical instruction and study: MT
Musical scores: M

Naval studies (all)
General: V, VB-VC, VM
Merchant, navigation: VK
Navy marines: VD-VF

Philosophy B-BD, BH, BJ

Photography: TR

Political science (all)
General, government: J-JC, JS-JZ
Public administration: JF-JQ

Psychology: BF

Religion: BL-BX

Science (all)
General: Q
Astronomy: QB
Biology: QH
Botany: QK
Chemistry: QD
Geology: QE
Human anatomy: QM
Math, computer science, statistics: QA
Microbiology: QR
Physics: QC
Physiology: QP
Zoology: QL

Social sciences: H, HX

Sociology: HM-HV

Technology (general): T


Other new materials:
US government documents
Multimedia (sound recordings, DVD's, etc)
VT faculty/staff/student authored books


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