Virginia Tech

University Libraries

Newman Library self-guided tour

The self-guided tour is designed to give you a brief introduction to the services and collections available from the University Libraries at Virginia Tech, and in particular, those in Newman Library, the main branch of the library system. At the end, you'll have the option to complete a brief quiz, the results of which can be provided to instructors as proof of completion of the tour.

The tour uses a series of QR barcodes to connect a mobile device with recorded audio. To complete the tour, you'll need a mobile device with a camera to capture the QR codes, a barcode scanner app, and headphone to hear the audio. We strongly recommend using the campus wireless network, as cellular networks have low signal strength in much of the building. You can also check out iPads and/or headphones from the Circulation Desk for the tour.

Begin the tour at the QR code on the column in front of the Circulation Desk near the main entrance to Newman Library on the second floor of the building.